Big Brother 16 Week 4 Eviction Recap 0

Despite the fact that Cody didn’t want to put Donny up as a replacement nominee this week on Big Brother, he ended up on the block against Brittany. According to his alliance, it was the only way to ensure she’d go home but everyone knows that sometimes, the pawn is the one who walks out(…)

EXCLUSIVE: Melanie Finch and Rochelle Bergman on leaving before the Hell’s Kitchen finale 0

Last week, just shy of the finale, Melanie Finch and Rochelle Bergman were eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen. The episode was filled with highs and lows for the last two women standing in the competition. They were surprised by their loved ones, but immediately faced a challenge and then had to jump into a dinner service(…)

So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 Top 16 Standouts [VIDEO] 0

So You Think You Can Dance is shaping up as a very interesting season, as the talent and diversity of the group makes it hard to predict just who might be in danger. As the Top 16 learned which dancers were the Bottom 6 prior to performances, there were some familiar faces as well as(…)

Big Brother 16 Week 4 POV Recap 0

Now that Amber and Jocasta are safe, and Frankie has been dethroned, Cody is the sole HOH in the Big Brother 16 house this week. The Bomb Squad is looking to get rid of Brittany this week, and she’s their number one target. Well, minus Caleb, who would rather see Victoria walk out the door(…)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills teen Bella Hadid arrested 0

This week, Yolanda Foster’s daughter, Bella Hadid, found herself in hot water with the law. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills teen was arrested for DUI, and was also driving with a suspended license. According to TMZ, the 17-year-old was pulled over by police around 4:00am after running through a stop sign and almost hitting(…)

EXCLUSIVE: Lorena Garcia is ready to battle on NBC’s Food Fighters 0

Tonight, NBC’s newest cooking competition will be unveiled. Food Fighters takes some of best home cooks from around the country, and pits them against accomplished chefs including Lorena Garcia, Cat Cora, and Duff Goldman. After battling on Top Chef Masters, Lorena caught the bug for reality cooking competitions. She loved the idea of Food Fighters,(…)

Ashley and JP Rosebaum’s live ultrasound on The Bachelorette 0

Last night, The Bachelorette’s Men Tell All special kicked off with a very special update from married couple Ashley and JP Rosenbaum. The pair have anxiously waited to find out the sex of their baby and decided to reveal the news, live on air. Host Chris Harrison sat beside them as an ultrasound technician brought(…)

Wahlburgers Season 2 premieres on A+E in August [VIDEO] 0

The 2014 Emmy nominated series Wahlburgers is returning to A+E for its second season. The Wahlberg brothers, Mark, Donnie and Paul, are firing up the grill at their family hamburger restaurant this season and the chaos of the show can match that in the kitchen. This season is full of family and friends. The head(…)

Big Brother 16 Week 4 Nominations Recap 0

When we last left the houseguests of Big Brother 16, they were competing in the Week 4 HOH competition. In pairs, they work to move eggs through chicken wire and fill 12 slots. The teams are: Victoria and Christine, Caleb and Nicole, Brittany and Jocasta, Amber and Zach, Donny and Hayden, and Cody and Frankie.(…)

EXCLUSIVE: Devin Shepherd and his Big Brother Bomb Squad regrets 0

There’s no doubt about it. Devin Shepherd came into the Big Brother 16 house this season ready to play. Unfortunately, he started off by playing a little too hard and his unpredictable moves and paranoia quickly rubbed others the wrong way. At the end of Week 3, he was unanimously voted out after being backdoored(…)