Dance Moms star Kelly Hyland arrested after fight with Abby Lee Miller 0

Kelly Hyland of Lifetime's Dance Moms

Image: Lifetime

Dance Moms is known for its fair share of drama, but it could be about to be known for its convicts! It seemed there was no way to top last season’s catfight between Leslie Ackerman and Christi Lukasiak until one of the moms went after Abby Lee Miller herself.

According to TMZ, Kelly Hyland was arrested back in November after an argument with Abby turned physical. Hyland, who has always been known for speaking her mind and sticking up for her girls, was outraged when Abby began looking for replacements. Unfortunately for Kelly, her kids are in a business where everybody is replaceable

Sources claim that Kelly began screaming and yelling at Abby, even grabbing her hair at one point. Though charges have yet to be filed, cameras were rolling the entire time, so viewers may get a glimpse of the chaos later this season.