EXCLUSIVE: Real World: Ex-plosion’s Jay Gotti can’t stay drama free forever 0

Real World Ex-plosion cast member Jay Gotti

Image: MTV

So far, Real World Ex-plosion cast member Jay Gotti has been steering clear of the drama… but not for much longer. Though he hasn’t hooked up with a roommate or gotten into a fight (yet?), his ex is just a few weeks away from surprising him at his San Francisco house.

The native New Yorker has been surrounded be reality stars, working in the club business, and decided to see if he could take his career to the next level by auditioning for The Real World. Getting on the show was “one of the craziest moments of my life,” he told That’s Your Reality. “My mom was always telling me to do something big.”

Since arriving in San Fran, Jay has focused more on connecting with local bar and club managers than the ladies of the Bay Area. “All the girls in the house are attractive. However, I wasn’t attracted to them in that way,” he said. “I wasn’t feelin’ a lot of the girls on the west coast.”

That will be good news for Jenna Compono, who Jay has been in an on again, off again relationship with for two years. Usually, when a person keeps going back to their ex, there’s a reason for it. “I’m not good at relationships, I’m really not. I’m terrible at them, actually,” he admitted. “Usually, I lose interest really quickly. The fact that I didn’t with her just keeps pulling me back.”

So far, Jay is enjoying being the one outside of the drama looking in but he says it’s all about to change. “I wish I could just keep it the way it is. I may get dragged into a whole bunch of stuff.” he said.

Post-Real World, Jay says she’s ready to go on a Challenge if MTV will have him. One of the biggest questions he gets on Twitter from his fans and followers is which competitor he’d love to go up against. “I’ve always looked up to Johnny Bananas, he was one of my favorite guys,” he told us. “Now that I’m on the Real World, I can succeed in trying to follow him up. I wanna go against my man CT! I have the most respect for them both but now that I’m in this position, I’m sorry man. It’s time to take the crown.”

Real World Ex-plosion airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on MTV.